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Hello my name is Tamal Anwar Chowdhury, I go by the name Tamal Web on the internet.

I am a Front End Software Engineer from Bangladesh currently working with Reactjs.

Ever since childhood, I was into breaking my toys to see what’s inside. As I grew up, I was fond of building little things with junk. Well, those little things were not that useful, but I had fun building them. I was very good with gadgets, computers and I was the whiz kid around other kids and my family. I always had an engineer’s mind, which I never realized for a long time.

In late 2007, I got connected to the internet for the first time and I quickly started to find ways to build websites and blogs. I started writing online and make money with blogging as I had a good grasp of English. Soon after that, I started working as a freelance web designer. I built WordPress websites with little CSS customization. Even back then I was not a programmer type because I was too scared of coding.

HTML looked like Chinese text to me.

I was doing really well as a web designer and had already established myself as a Thesis Theme specialist. I came across programming when Mark Zuckerberg announced the Hour of Code in 2014ish. After taking the hour of code, I was very hyped about being a programmer.

As I love to blog about my journey and learning, I was getting inquiries from all over the place about being a developer or software engineer. I really got serious about it when I got my first job offer. But I realized that particular job is no fit for me and I should explore more. Then I enrolled in an online university for a four-year computer science degree to become a classically trained software engineer.

As of now, I have finished my freshman year of the university and self-learning some latest tools and frameworks. Other than that I am working as a software consultant for various enterprise companies.