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Why I am not a Fanboy of JavaScript

· 2 min read
Tamal Anwar Chowdhury

JavaScript, I like it, I love to build things with it, but I am not a fanboy. JS is the de facto language of the web. The web browsers only understands JavaScript. For this reason, web developers all around the globe has to learn this language.

I chose Node.js to build the backend of my web application, just so that I can use a single language to build both the front and the back.

I am not a fanboy of this language, and neither should you.

In fact you should not be a fanboy of any given language, framework or technology.

The thing is, technology changes over time.

Being blindly in love with a technology will make you biased towards it. You won’t see its flaws. If you truly want to learn JavaScript, start using it. Know what it can do, what its limitations are.

Use it as a tool.

My passion is to build useful web applications, not to code in JavaScript.

In the past there were cool languages which got replaced by C and C++. Soon these languages are going to be replaced by modern languages like Python, Go, Kotlin. Look into the future, JavaScript WILL be replaced by better technologies, it’s inevitable.

So instead of being a fanboy, learn to become a really good software engineer. And once the time comes for the switch, you can take all your software building expertise you learned from JavaScript and apply onto the next thing.